How Many Leopard Geckos Can Live Together?

If you want to try keeping a single male with multiple females or maybe just females, keep in mind that for each gecko you will need a larger tank at least 5 gallons. This is because the leopard chameleon needs their space, and the more geckos you have in your tank, the less space they have.

Many females can live with or without a male, but when two males live together, it is not possible. The male leopard chameleon is a very territorial animal and will crash into it when in the same tank.

Can Leopard Geckos Live Together?

In fact, there are several things to consider when you want to keep a chameleon in the same tank.

The main thing you need to consider is gender. We need to look closely at gender, as it will affect gecko farming in many ways. Here is the detailed description:

Two Females

If you have two female leopard geckos, you can place them in the same aquarium or in the same area. It shouldn’t be a problem since the two female geckos can live together.

However, always observe the condition of your gecko every day. Whenever you see one of your female geckos growing faster than the other, you can lock them up alone.

It is done to avoid the older child from stealing the smaller child’s food. For your information, a larger leopard gecko usually steals the smaller gecko’s food. So two female leopard can live together if they are the same size.

Two Males

Unlike two female leopard geckos, two male geckos cannot live in the same tank. Why? That is because two male leopard chameleon will fight each other. When that happens, your leopard chameleon is probably in trouble and not doing well. To avoid that problem, keep them separate.

We can conclude that never mixing two male geckos in one tank is the best way to keep your male geckos in good condition.

It doesn’t matter if you have the biggest tank in the world, they will still find a way to mess with each other. If a male gecko detects another male leopard gecko that is what allows them to fight.

Even if they were in large 100-gallon tanks. They like their space and want to be the only dominant creature in it, even with lots of room.

A Male And Female

How Many Leopard Geckos Can Live Together

Do not mix male and female geckos in the same tank if they are small or immature. It can cause the male gecko to steal the female gecko, and in the end, the female gecko cannot thrive.

Only mix them if they are mature, especially if you want them to breed. Make sure the male and female leopard geckos live together when they are of the same age, so no problem will arise.


If you want to do this, you should consider the size of your tank. Two baby geckos can live in a 10-gallon tank, but as they get older, not even an adult can comfortably live in it.

So, in my opinion, I don’t think it’s worth the investment. I think it’s best to buy a larger tank and then upgrade as you see fit in the future if you feel like it. However, feel free to do whatever you feel is the best option.

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Housing the Leopard Gecko

How many leopard geckos can live together in one tank?

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Winter Is Coming? Here Are The 5 Ways To Keep Your Dogs Warm Outside

Having a dog in your house requires much time, effort, and love to raise them appropriately. Besides feeding, bathing, health checking – up regularly, taking care of your dog’s status is important, too.

Especially, during the cold days, it’s even more necessary to maintain the body heat for your dog.

Let’s get into detail in this article to acknowledge the risk of coldness, the influence to your dogs’ health, and ways to keep your dogs warm outside

5 Ways To Keep Your Dogs Warm Outside

Understand your dog’s nature

Different kinds of dogs have a different limit of cold endurance.

For example, the American Eskimo, Australian Shepherd or Belgian Sheepdog can survive well in low-temperature while some breeds like Chihuahua or French Bulldog aren’t able to tolerate the cold weather. 

So, a responsible dog owner needs to know which type of dogs their dog is, and research on which is their limit to protect them suitably. 

Additionally, each dog has a different health condition as well as its preference. Some dogs are born with tolerance towards coldness and vice versa.

There are breeds that can live in the temperature below 10 Celsius degree but cannot survive if the temperature has passed below 0 Celsius degree. 

To add-in, there are old dogs that can endure the cold weather but the low temperature will cause their health worse. 

Thus, it is a must to have your dog examined with a veterinarian to have a detailed report on your dog’s health condition, its endurance limit, what to aware and which action should be taken.

Use winter blankets

Having a blanket is a compulsory part when raising a dog, especially in cold weather. A “blanket” here refers to your old wool sweaters, your rags, or any materials as well as it can protect your pet from the environment. 

Normally, you should provide your dogs’ kennel with enough blanket to create a comfortable and safe floor. In winter, the blanket must be thicker to avoid rain, snow, and coldness. 

Even dogs are adaptive animals which can sustain in most environments, it is recommended that the dog owners still dress their pets with better blankets.

Instead of getting your loving dog endures in the coldness, it’s better to protect them from risk first, right?

Dress your dog in doggy sweaters

Just like human beings, dogs can feel cold, too. When you are cold, you need to wear clothes to warm up your body, so our dog demands doggy sweaters either. While some dogs love sweaters, some can run away from the dressing. 

However, it is worth an effort to dress them in warm clothes. You can see your dogs’ preference such as its favorite color, its preferable size, etc. to buy a suitable sweater.

Dogs are wild animals that can flexibly adapt to a different environment, but when the temperature reaches the peak, you need to take action to protect your breed as fast as possible. Preparing a doggy sweater is one of these steps.

Provide warm stations for your dog 

A shelter or a kennel is the place your dog came back every day and night. 

After a long time being in the cold weather, being back in the warm “home” will destress them and increase their body heat.

The shelter must be clean, tidy, and warm enough to maintain the dog’s body heat at the appropriate level. While a cold kennel is harmful to its health, a humid shelter is not safe either.

Furthermore, young puppies should not be left outside, especially in the cold weather. It is better to let them live inside the house because young dogs have a weaker immune system. 

In case you can’t create a kennel for them inside your house, their shelter outside must be supplied with a sloped roof, straw layer, lots of blanket on the ground, and a porch to protect the dog from rain.

You can also create warm stations in your house such as the cozy living room or the fireplace, and guide your dog to visit these places when they feel cold.

Feed them more food and water

One of the effective methods to protect your dog is to improve its immune system. If your dog is healthy and strong, there will be less chance for them to be ill. In terms of food, you should keep their bowls warm and clean. 

It is recommended to plan a healthy and nutrient – balanced diet. You can request the veteran to consult you on the diet plan.

Keeping your dogs hydrated is essential for the dogs’ health. The water sources should be safe, sterile, and warm. Dogs that live outside in winter are also recommended to be fed more in the winter to boost metabolism.

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Winter is coming and you – as a responsible owner – don’t want your dog to struggle in the cold weather. Save your time by learning these 5 ways to keep your dogs warm outside

Just remember, the core value of these methods is that you need to understand your dog’s situation. Know their status, know their health, know their preference, and apply them appropriately!

Taking Dogs Camping For The First Time – Top Tips For You

If you are a big fan of camping, you probably lean towards taking your dog with you. But your first time, how about that? 

Are you well equipped with tips about taking dogs camping for the first time? Let us provide you with a walkthrough on this topic.


Tips On Taking Dogs Camping For The First Time

Practice At Home First

Living in “wildlife” might be a little bit harsh for most dogs, especially if it is their first time outside their comfort zone.

The best way to prepare for an adventurous camping trip for your canine, perhaps, is to set up a tent in any vacant places in your home. Let your pets spend one night under canvas and see how it goes. Reward your dogs as they stay inside.

When you see your dog is comfortable with that, have a knack at your backyard. This trial will help your dog get familiar with the outside environment.

Pack A Pet First Aid Kit

Any trip can go wrong whether it is well prepared or not, then remember to bring with you some essential medical stuffs for you and your partner. These stuffs include bandage, splinter picker, tick remover, medicines, etc.

Finding Dog-friendly Campsites

Nowadays, there are tons of campsites that allow dogs. Of course, you should check again whether your dog is indeed allowed or not. 

Typically, national parks are not ideal for your pet because they have heavy restrictions against dogs. Alternatively, other public areas such as National Forest areas, given more freedom for dogs and attracting fewer people, are suitable for camping. Plus, these public areas are great for dogs to run free.

For those who are finding some dog-friendly campsites, the following list of campgrounds might be considerable.

Packing And Carrying Dog Food

Depending on the length of stay, you can calculate the right amount you and your pet need. However, we recommend packing one extra day in case you are stuck for some reason. Don’t forget to seal the food in the dry bags and let your partner carry some.

Before you go to sleep at night, remember to secure your food from other wild animals by using bear canisters or hanging your food in a tree nearby.

Do Your Research Beforehand

Research means getting to know the information about the campsite you choose. Examine the rules that the campsites require you to follow.

Also, check the surrounding environment such as lakes, woods, streams, wild animals, and emergency numbers.

Check The Weather

Wherever you travel to whether it is a mountain, deep valley, or in the jungle, it would be best to consider the weather forecast, especially a few days before departure.

Sunshine, of course, is much better than a rainstorm. Nonetheless, a little rain is not a big deal, but you should probably avoid the types of weather such as strong wind, extreme heat, or cold.

Get A Tent Big Enough For Everyone

Doesn’t the campsite allow your pet dog to sleep outside? So, you will need a bigger tent for you and your dog. Depending on the size of the two of you, you can choose an appropriate canvas.

Frequently, a 2-person tent is a wise choice. Its price is not high. For an owner and a dog, such selection is sufficient.

In case you go camping with the whole family, your dog should have his own place? So, what tents should be considered when you want to buy one for your dog?  

Here is a list of best tents for dogs you can consider.

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The Bottom Line

Getting prepared is all you need to have a memorable camping trip with your dog. However, we highly recommend making a checklist of tasks to track progress.

Hopefully, this information has provided you with useful tips on taking dogs camping for the first time

Best wishes to you with your pet dog on your trip.

Thanks for reading!