amanda salvatore married 217Our Philosophy

We believe strongly in the thrill of experience and, honestly, the Canadian Rockies is one of the best places in the world to have an awesome adventure (and invite 20 to 150 of your best friends to join along). We think weddings, elopements and social events are a time to focus on joy and happiness, and be really be present with the people around you. So, we specialize in creating amazing weddings, elopements and social celebrations that are focused on yours and your guests’ experience.

We adore pretty things, but an event is about so much more. They’re about being hit with the fresh smell of pine trees when you step out in front of Lake Louise for your elopement. They’re about the way the pink morning light makes Mount Rundle glow when you peek outside the morning of your wedding; the warm golden late summer sun setting on the mountains as you finish your 50th anniversary dinner; or the taste of locally-sourced grilled Alberta beef tenderloin with freshly prepared produce from a nearby farm and a glass of perfectly paired red wine for your intimate wedding meal.

Events are about the sound of crunchy snow beneath your feet as your walk to your vow renewal beneath a frozen waterfall, or the sound of an elk’s haunting flute as you fall asleep on your wedding night; feeling the soft wind on your face as you canoe on Emerald Lake, or the soft snow fall on your face as your experience your first dogsled tour. There is so much to feel here – and we can’t wait to design an experience that’s perfect for you!

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