Cara-Lee & Grant | Fairmont Banff Springs Wedding | Banff, Alberta, Canada

In our ‘How to Start Wedding Planning?‘ post we talked about the importance of choosing a venue that fits Your Big Vision. And today we’re sharing a wedding which did that really well.

Cara-Lee and Grant had a Fairmont Banff Springs wedding; think castle-like turrets, grand ballrooms, staff who appear from nowhere to fulfil your every whim! It’s a place where men are gentlemen and women are princesses! This wedding, designed by Cara-Lee’s mom, was elegant and sophisticated and suited the Banff Springs perfectly. When your venue and style match each other… POW!! That’s when that magical atmosphere appears!

But it wasn’t all about the venue; family played a big part. Cara-Lee and her cousin shared a wedding week, getting married three days apart. Family flew from as far as South Africa for the double-whammy weddings. Our favourite part of the ceremony was Grant surprising Cara-Lee – and everyone else – by singing her down the aisle! Enjoy the photos below. And just take a moment to admire that dress. Ooh that dress!

fairmont banff springs wedding mt stephens hall
fairmont banff springs wedding florals
cara-lee grant married 0080
fairmont banff springs wedding
cara-lee grant married 0209
fairmont banff springs wedding mt stephens hall
fairmont banff springs wedding mt stephens hall
cara-lee grant married 0240
cara-lee grant married 0265
cara-lee grant married 0337
fairmont banff springs wedding dress
cara-lee grant married 0434
cara-lee grant married 0444
cara-lee grant married 0508
cara-lee grant married 0517
cara-lee grant married 0533
cara-lee grant married 0547
cara-lee grant married 0625
fairmont banff springs wedding desserts
cara-lee grant married 0987
cara-lee grant married 1102
fairmont banff springs wedding dance
fairmont banff springs sunset view

Roll call!

Wedding Month of Management & Decor Installation: Postcard Weddings & Events

Decor Design: Cara-Lee’s Amazing Mom

Top 8 Mountain Wedding Trends for 2015

Some things will always be in style when it comes to weddings; love, commitment, a fab dress. But others come and go with the fashions (we’re looking at you, 80’s puffy sleeves)! We love seeing what’s new in wedding trends, not because it matters if your fashionable or fancy, but because these ideas that can create a great atmosphere on your wedding day. So here are our Top 8 Mountain Wedding Trends for 2015 – all perfect for our home turf, the Canadian Rockies.

1. Canadiana
We’re seeing more elegant rustic looks, plaid accents, cute woodland decor, and even some sexy lumberjack grooms! Mountain wedding venues are perfect for this. When your venue fits your theme, it makes decor sooooo much simpler. (For a 2015 mountain venue guide, check out our DIY Planning Kit.)

mountain wedding trends canadiana

Photos by One Edition Photography.

2. Geometric shapes
Stationary and jewellery are the places to play with this trend. Geometric shapes give a very modern feel, and it’s something you can carry through from your invitations to decor to accessories. Check out Etsy for some folks who do this well.

Geometric Vase

Photo by Callandra Caufield.

3. Frozen – and winter weddings!
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know about the newest Disney movie, Frozen. It reminds us that winter really is magical, and so are winter weddings in the mountains. Besides, the cold never bothered us anyway!

mountain wedding trends winter

Photos by Orange Girl Photographs.

4. Cinematography
Okay, we admit it… this is one we want to be a top trend! Nothing compares to re-living your wedding day with a great video. And these are not your wobbly-camera-home-video jobs; they’re crazy stunning. See what we mean with Robyn and Joe’s video by Hello Tomorrow.

5. Copper – the warmest of the metallics
The colder metallics of gold and silver are giving way to warm copper tones, which makes us think of the golden larch trees surrounding Lake Louise in fall, and the sun setting slowly over the mountains.

6. Bolder colours
Blush and gold-based neutral palettes will start to include hits of stronger colours, particularly shades of green. (Ahem, you might have noticed we have a lot of greenery round our way… jus’ sayin’!)

7. Great food
Mountain venues big and small are now showing off really cool, creative, locally-inspired wedding menus. The Juniper Hotel and Bistro is getting praise for its “homemade decadence” menus for up to 35 guests (sounds fancy!), and for 100+ guests, The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel has launched a super-impressive “Unique Taste of Canada” menu. And there’s tons more to make you drool!

mountain wedding trends foodie

Photo by Stacey Hedman.

8. Say Yes to the… Suit
Grooms are realizing the value in buying a great-fitting suit, instead of renting. Plus they’re getting creative with ties, shoes, pocket squares and more! Whether it’s giving themselves permission to invest in something they really can wear again, or showing off their personality, we think it’s great.

mountain wedding trends suits

Photo by Stacey Hedman.

We hope you’re inspired with these 2015 mountain wedding trends! Just remember, trends are fun ways to know what’s popular, but at the end of the day your wedding should be what you and your partner love. If you want a helping hand, book an Idea Session or shoot us an email at






You’re Engaged! Now How to Start Wedding Planning?

If you got engaged over Christmas, CONGRATULATIONS! Yippee!! We guess you might be thinking, “Now what?” Before you jump into venues and florals and pretty, pretty dresses, here’s our first tip… STOP! Put down the magazines! Step away from Google. We’re serious! Before you start with the details, we want to share the first step of our six-step wedding planning process. It’s time for The Big Vision!

The Big Vision is lots of fun, a little grown-up and vitally important. It lays the groundwork for the rest of your wedding. So if you’re newly engaged, here’s where to start: The five steps of The Big Vision!

Step 1 – Figure out your overall vision
Sit down together and talk about how you imagine your wedding. Where do you want to get married? How many people do you want? Do you want a traditional wedding, or something totally out of the box? What’s really important to you (food, decor, photography)? If your parents are going to be involved, chat with them as well. You don’t want to start planning the perfect 25 person wedding, only to discover your Mom will be crushed if you don’t invite your 50 closest cousins!

Wedding Planning with Parents

Chat with your parents! Photo by Jonathan Coe.

Step 2 – Choose some dates
You’ll need to choose a few dates that work for you and all your important guests. There will be more availability from October to May and on the weekdays. If you want a summer Saturday, you need to plan early!

Wedding Planning dates

You’ll remember this date forever! Photo by Mark 11 Photography.

Step 3 – Tackle your guestlist
It’s SO important you do this before you discuss budget and venue. You’d be amazed how many people you know! Our DIY Kit has a super handy guestlist template you can use. This template has all of the details you’re going to need to collect from your guests, and you’ll use it all through your planning process. Don’t forget to chat with your parents if they’re involved in the planning – it’s important they don’t start adding guests once you’ve booked a venue that only fits so many!

Wedding planning guest list

You’d be amazed how many people you know! Photo by Cat’s Eye Photography.

Step 4 – Discuss budget
First, you need to sort out who is contributing money to your wedding. If it’s just you two, great! Have a look at what funds you have a available. You also need to have a frank (if awkward) conversation about contributions with anyone else who might be giving you funds. You seriously don’t want to start planning an over the top soiree with unrealistic budget expectations.

I know, you have no idea how much things cost! How exactly are you supposed to put together a budget? Well, you have a few options. You could guess, and just hope it’s right. Or you could start doing research on every wedding element (give yourself a few weeks for this). Or (this is the better option) you could purchase our DIY kit complete with budget template. Lastly, you could make the best choice of all and contact us! We do budget consultations which you can book here.

Wedding Planning budget

There are a lot of potential expenses to consider. Photos by Orange Girl Photographs.

Step 5 – Hire a Planner or grab our brand new DIY kit
Ok, ok, I know not everyone is going to hire a wedding planner. But if you are going to hire a planner, this is the time to do it. They’re going to need to know a bit about The Big Vision, how many guests you want to invite, and what dates you want to hold this shindig. If you hire a planner at this point, they should ensure you have an appropriate budget for your vision, and that you get your venue and other important vendors booked ASAP. Couples often hire us after they’ve booked a venue and photographer. Sometimes this works out just perfectly, but sometimes there are other venues we could have suggested that would have been a better fit, for both the vision and the budget.

wedding planning planner

Callandra, Postcard Weddings’ Chief Wedding & Event Producer, on a recon mission! Photo by PMG Image.

If you’re not sure you want a Planner, our shiny new DIY Kit could be your saviour!
We just revised it so it’s completely up-to-date, and gives our pro guidance to take you from newly engaged to the end of the aisle. Trust me, with a little help you’ll be able to enjoy the process, create the day you want, and – most importantly – start your marriage with the love of your life.

The almost-instant download includes:

– a comprehensive venue guide for weddings of 2 to 500, from inexpensive to luxurious, all based on our real experiences;
(heads-up: as venue costs can vary with season, day of the week, capacity, catering and demand, we can’t include accurate details on pricing. We’re sorry, but we’d never want to risk giving you inaccurate details)

– a guestlist template detailing everything you’ll need from numbers and addresses to dietary concerns and booster seats (in excel);

– a list of vendors we trust who’ve proved themselves time and time again;

– an uber-detailed budget template with cost saving ideas (in excel); and

– a planning timeline with big overviews down to nitty gritty details, and a handy checklist guiding you through the months before your wedding.

Most importantly, none of the vendors or venues paid to be included in this guide. So you can be sure you’re getting our genuine recommendations based on how they’ve performed at other weddings we’ve been involved in.

Click here for more details and pricing!

Being engaged is a magical, sometimes stressful time. We get a huge warm, fuzzy feeling in our bellies when we know we’ve taken the stress out of planning and made people a little (and usually a lot) happier! So if you want to book a consultation, we’re here for you. If you want to DIY it, we’ll give you a helping hand. And if you just want to chat, you can email us too at!

C & W | Heli Elopement Wedding | Banff, Alberta, Canada

This is the story of four weddings. One was the start of a marriage. The other three, after months of detailed planning, were cancelled. They just didn’t happen. But all four were for the same couple, on the same day. And they were all epic heli elopement weddings near Banff National Park! Curious?

Our beautiful bride and groom flew from Hong Kong to Canada for their dream wedding on a mountaintop near Banff National Park. (To keep Banff National Park pretty and peaceful, you’re not allowed to actually fly within the Park. But Alpine Heli runs tours from Canmore, just outside the park gates, where the scenery is just as stunning.)

They brought us on board to plan their elopement and design the decor. And this is a great example of why a team who’s familiar with the area can be a lifesaver in the mountains: they know what to prepare for and always have a backup plan. Or, as in this case, four plans!

Yep, because of the… ahem… unpredictable weather in the mountains (see our October winter wonderland wedding for proof), we had to create four wedding timelines for the four different weather forecasts! All the plans had to be co-ordinated with eight different wedding vendors. Thankfully, our vendors were amazing and really flexible. I was so impressed with them! This heli elopement was one of the most logistically challenging weddings we’ve ever done. But I think it came together so well as everyone involved had the same goal – to give the bride and groom the day they dreamed of.

In the end we had to fly in the morning. We had arranged accommodation for the bride and groom at The Rimrock Resort Hotel. We had elegant and classic florals delivered. Hair and make-up met them there, and a chauffeured car brought them to the heli-port in Canmore, just outside Banff National Park. We had snacks and a picnic lunch waiting at the helicopter. They passed mountaintops, glaciers and lakes before being dropped off at 7,200 feet above sea level for their wedding ceremony. Then, just as a snowstorm was coming in fast, they flew back down as a married couple!

That evening we set up a private in-suite dining experience with a seven course tasting menu. And the next day (when the weather was decidedly better), they headed out around Banff for a day-after photo shoot. The photos are incredible, and really show the intimacy and connection between this new husband and wife.

heli elopement wedding banff
heli elopement wedding banff
heli elopement wedding banff
heli elopement wedding banff
heli elopement wedding banff
heli elopement wedding banff

It’s couples and experiences like this that have made us fall head over heals in love with elopements! If you’re thinking of eloping, shoot us an email at Dates for 2015 are filling up fast, but we’d love to chat.

Roll Call!:

Elopement Planning and Decor: Postcard Weddings & Events

Photography: Two Mann Studios

Videography: Mountain Wedding Video

Commissioner: Rick Kunelius

Helicopter Services: Alpine Heli

Florals: Willow Flower Company

Hair and Make-up:  Jai Basi Studio

Ground Transportation: Highland Executive Chauffeur


  • Erika - One of my favourite elopements ever. Amazing job Callandra. So happy we were part of your team!ReplyCancel

  • Jeffrey - I really love the mirror/reflection photo. What a great preparation as well!ReplyCancel

2014’s Best Wedding Moments in Banff, Lake Louise & Beyond

This was a great year! In 2014 we were lucky to be a part of so many beautiful and poignant weddings. We worked with incredible couples, their families and even their dogs (check out the cutie in #21!) all over Banff, Lake Louise, Canmore, Kananaskis and Emerald Lake. Time and time again we witnessed moments filled with love and laughter. And time and time again we bawled our eyes out at the sheer awesomeness of it all! (Ok, we bawled inside, there was just a tear or two that actually escaped.)

The best weddings are made up of thousands of little details, which all work together to let our couples focus on the one thing that matters most: their commitment to each other.

As you might have guessed, we love bringing together all those details. It’s the small touches that can take your decor from so-so to super-stunning, make the day as easy as a stroll through a meadow (see #28!) and fill your wedding with personal touches that tell your love story.

So join us on a journey of inspiration with our roundup of (drumroll please)…

2014’s Best Wedding Moments in Banff, Lake Louise & Beyond! Ta-daaaa!!

1. Horsing Around with Alison and Jay!
Alison loves horses. It looks like this corner of Canmore was made for her! Mark Eleven Photography found this spot that perfectly captures her passion.

Horses, wedding, Canmore

Photo by Mark Eleven Photography.

2. Getting Touchy-Feely with Kathleen and Mark!
We’ve all heard of a first look, but Kathleen and Mark got butterflies in their tummies and kept with tradition, with their First Touch.

best weddings in banff, first look, first touch, fairmont banff springs, banff

Photo by Julie Williams Photography.

3. Enjoying Beautiful Bacon & Eggs at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel!
Kathleen and Mark had a brunch reception with bacon, eggs, and a beautifully unusual palette of gold, soft pink and poppy.

Fairmont Banff Springs, best weddings in banff, brunch

Photo by Julie Williams Photography.

4. Being Bold with Andrea and Jason!
Flower Artistry brightened up this wedding at Stewart Creek Golf Club, Canmore, with Andrea’s favourite bright colours.

best bold, flowers, florals, stewart creek, wedding

Photo by Photographik.

5. Making it a Family Affair with Trish and Silas!
When these childhood sweethearts reconnected later in life, top priority was bringing their families together as one. Their children were their wedding party at St. Michaels Anglican Church in Canmore.

Canmore, church wedding, family, blended family

Photo by Erin Wallace Photography.

6. Perfecting Pastels with Lauren and Bryce!
Lauren did an amazing job of selecting bridesmaids dresses with different cuts and fabrics in the same palette. It can be a tough trend to follow, but this is the perfect example of how your girls don’t have to wear traditional bridesmaid dresses.

best bridesmaid dresses, pastel, different, short, non traditional

Photo by Brittany Esther Photography.

7. Admiring Bouquets with Marielle and Glen!
Marielle chose an elegant and unique dried flower bouquet for her Rimrock Resort Hotel wedding to Glen.

dried, unusual, bouquet, best weddings in banff

Photo by Julie Williams Photography.

8. Getting All “Great Gatsby” with Cole and Greg!
With the wedding only three weeks out, Cole and Greg came to us dreaming of a Great Gatsby inspired day. The time crunch was on, but we pulled everything together in time. They had a classically, lavishly wonderful day! See it here.

best, Great Gatsby, wedding, kilt, gay

Photo by Stephanie Couture Photography.

9. Falling in Love with Videography with Robyn and Joe!
Their French countryside inspired wedding was warm, elegant, and captured perfectly on this video by Hello Tomorrow.

best wedding banff

Photo by: Jarusha Brown Photography

Video by Hello Tomorrow.

10. Singing Along with Grant and Cara Lee!
Grant grabbed a guitar and sung Cara Lee down the aisle in a surprise that had everyone bawling like babies!

fairmont banff springs, banff, best weddings in banff

Photo by Brittany Esther Photography.

11. Being wowed by Cara Lee’s Dress!
Wow. That is all. Wow.

best wedding dresses, wedding dress, gown, unusual, low back

Photo by Brittany Esther Photography.

12. Travelling the World with Lauren and Michael

For seven years Lauren had dreamed of getting married in Lake Louise, and the fact she lives in South Africa now wasn’t going to stop her! Her and Michael flew to Canada for their dream wedding at the famous lake.

best wedding lake louise

Photo by Alan Maudie Photography.

13. Flying High with Christin and William
This incredible heli-elopement required four different backup plans for the variety of possible weather conditions! Christin and William said “I Do” just before a July snowstorm moved in, and finished the day with a private in-suite dinner we had the pleasure of designing.

best weddings in banff, elopement, elope, helicopter, canmore

Photo by Two Mann Studios.

14. Entertaining with Infographics with Lauren and Adam!
These whimsical wedding programs were super fun and loved by all.

best weddings in banff, programs, fun, whimsical

Photo by Modern Photography.

15. Getting Wild with Nirvana and Calvin!
These guests weren’t invited, but we’re delighted they showed up for Nirvana and Calvin’s photos. (If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll know they’re a bit of a regular at wedding rehearsals in Banff, Canmore and Kananaskis!)

best weddings in banff national park, wildlife, elk

Photo by David Guenther Photography.

16. Eating Ice Cream with Amanda and Steve!
This classic Canmore schoolbus shot is one of the yummiest photos from Amanda and Steve’s fun day.

bridal party photo, fun

Photo by Diane + Mike Photography.

17. Rocking Out with Amanda and Steve!
Steve’s band played at the reception, showing all the guests a great time and having a ton of fun themselves.

reception, wedding music, band

Photo by Diane + Mike Photography.

18. Eloping with Jana and Glen!
We escaped to Moraine Lake, near Lake Louise, with this great couple for a ceremony backdrop to remember.

elope, elopement, moraine lake, best weddings in banff national park

Photo by One Edition Photography.

19. Blending Modern Colours and Traditional Spaces with Linda and Stephen!
This bright purple palette really popped in Mt. Stephen Hall, the oldest part of the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

fairmont banff springs, wedding, mt stephens hall, best purple weddings

Photo by Picture That Photography.

20. Being Pretty in Pink with Nicole and Sean!
Nicole loves pink! We designed their day with this romantic colour and total drama, using textures, lighting and gold accents.

best weddings in banff, pink wedding

Photo by Crista Lee Photography.

21. Walking the Dog with Cindy and Chris!
This adorable doggy looked the part with a floral collar and a pretty purple bow!

dog ringbearer, dog best man, purple wedding, best wedding party

Photo by Orange Girl Photographs.

22. Playing in the (Surprise) Snow with Elaina and Christie!
In sickness and health and blizzards…! An early September snowstorm didn’t stop these troopers from having a great, love-filled day.

best weddings in banff, snow, gay, lesbian

Photo by Julie Williams Photography.

23. Exploring Colour and Culture with Mike and Vik!
Their Vietnamese ceremony at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise was full of amazing, bold colours. Emerald greens, ruby reds and sunflower yellows stood next to the natural turquoise lake.

fairmont chateau lake louise, lake louise, wedding, vietnamese wedding

Photo by Orange Girl Photographs.

24. Changing Dresses with Mike and Vik! (Yes, even Mike!)
Four bridal gown changes, three hair and make up changes, two groom’s attire changes, two bridesmaid dress changes (for each bridesmaid), and two locations, Banff and Lake Louise, made this reception a logistical jigsaw puzzle. But the picture came together and, as you can see, it was beautiful!


Photo by Orange Girl Photographs.

25. Seeing a Stunning Intimate Wedding Backdrop With Caitlin and Evan!
Banff’s Tunnel Mountain was a spectacular backdrop for Cait and Evan’s intimate October wedding. This sweet group from Florida wasn’t afraid of a little Canadian cold, and made the best of the cool outdoor ceremony with cozy blankets!

Banff outdoor wedding ceremony

Photo by PMG Image

26. Living Up to Our Namesake with Alison and Curtis!
This postcard-worthy picture shows Alison in a quiet moment in front of the iconic Emerald Lake.

emerald lake lodge, best weddings in emerald lake

Photo by Kim Payant Photography.

27. Taking in the Views with Alison and Curtis!
As if Emerald Lake itself wasn’t enough, mountains, rivers and waterfalls are all around, making for epic shots like this one.

emerald lake, wedding, waterfalls

Photo by Kim Payant Photography.

28. Fusing Cultures with Michelle and Steve!
Michelle’s Filipino traditions met Steve’s Scottish heritage here in the Canadian Rockies. And we loved the result!

Canmore, wedding, mountains, Filipino wedding, Scottish wedding

Photo by Kelsey Neilsen Photography.

29. Being at Home with Jen and Greg!
This local couple had their ceremony on their favourite biking trail. It’s easy to see why they love this route so much.

canmore, wedding, field, meadow

Photo by Kingdom Come Photography.

30. Celebrating family with Shelan and Rob!
Seeing this mama with her baby boy is simply beautiful.

fairmont banff springs, best weddings in banff, children

Photo by Oohlala Photography.

So that’s it for our roundup of 2014’s best wedding moments in Banff, Lake Louise, Canmore, Kananaskis and Emerald Lake. If you’re inspired by these weddings and want to talk, shoot us an email at, we’d love to chat! (Oh, and we’re booking up quickly for 2015 weddings. Just to let you know!)

  • Kirstie - What an incredible year!! I love how every couples wedding is unique and personal to them all while enjoying their time in the mountains. Congratulations Callandra and the Postcard team for helping make these couples dream weddings come true!ReplyCancel