Cara-Lee & Grant | Fairmont Banff Springs Wedding | Banff, Alberta, Canada

In our ‘How to Start Wedding Planning?‘ post we talked about the importance of choosing a venue that fits Your Big Vision. And today we’re sharing a wedding which did that really well.

Cara-Lee and Grant had a Fairmont Banff Springs wedding; think castle-like turrets, grand ballrooms, staff who appear from nowhere to fulfil your every whim! It’s a place where men are gentlemen and women are princesses! This wedding, designed by Cara-Lee’s mom, was elegant and sophisticated and suited the Banff Springs perfectly. When your venue and style match each other… POW!! That’s when that magical atmosphere appears!

But it wasn’t all about the venue; family played a big part. Cara-Lee and her cousin shared a wedding week, getting married three days apart. Family flew from as far as South Africa for the double-whammy weddings. Our favourite part of the ceremony was Grant surprising Cara-Lee – and everyone else – by singing her down the aisle! Enjoy the photos below. And just take a moment to admire that dress. Ooh that dress!

fairmont banff springs wedding mt stephens hall
fairmont banff springs wedding florals
cara-lee grant married 0080
fairmont banff springs wedding
cara-lee grant married 0209
fairmont banff springs wedding mt stephens hall
fairmont banff springs wedding mt stephens hall
cara-lee grant married 0240
cara-lee grant married 0265
cara-lee grant married 0337
fairmont banff springs wedding dress
cara-lee grant married 0434
cara-lee grant married 0444
cara-lee grant married 0508
cara-lee grant married 0517
cara-lee grant married 0533
cara-lee grant married 0547
cara-lee grant married 0625
fairmont banff springs wedding desserts
cara-lee grant married 0987
cara-lee grant married 1102
fairmont banff springs wedding dance
fairmont banff springs sunset view

Roll call!

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Decor Design: Cara-Lee’s Amazing Mom

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