DIY Wedding Help * WITHOUT * A Wedding Planner

It’s okay. We can take it. Not everyone wants a wedding planner. We’re not offended!:) But we’d still love to give mountain couples some DIY wedding help, ’cause we know it’s not easy. We’re like Bambi’s mama… we see a stumbling bride or groom learning to walk wobbly towards the aisle and we just have to help!

Maybe you don’t want a wedding planner but can’t figure out where the heck to start? Or your budget’s running wild? You don’t have a budget?! Can’t decide between Lake Louise, Emerald Lake or Lake Minnewanka? Is your dream design is becoming a nightmare? Or your timeline got you in a tizzy? Or do you just need advice from someone who “gets it.”

Do not fear! Over the next four weeks we’ll be showing you some of the smaller DIY wedding help we offer, specifically created for folks getting married in the mountains, with all the unique quirks of the area. If you want to get married in Banff, Lake Louise, Canmore, Emerald Lake or Kananaskis, this might be exactly what you need!

The first super-awesome, loads of help for loads of people, magic goodie bag we want to show you is the mountain-specific DIY Planning Guide!

DIY wedding help from the Mountain Wedding Planning Kit by

If you’re not from Banff, Lake Louise, Canmore, Emerald Lake or Kananaskis, this will be invaluable. It includes a comprehensive venue guide, a guest list template, a list of recommended venues, an uber-detailed budget template and a planning timeline, all specific to this part of the woods.

Click here to get your instant DIY Planning Guide now! The whole package of 5 essential planning guides and templates is just $247.

We’re able to offer it at this really great value price because it’s an automatic download, right to your inbox. You don’t need us to sit around with you, and you’re taking the initiative to fill in the templates yourselves.

We’ve been here for 20 years now and learnt a whole ton of stuff along the way. And we’ve combined it all with our very best, super-duper, most wonderful wisdom (if we say so ourselves!). It’s a great compromise – you don’t have to pay for a wedding planner but you get real pro guidance, local recommendations and tons of DIY wedding help. And because the download is yours to keep, you can go through it at a pace that works for you and your partner.

DIY wedding help with venues in Banff, Lake Louise, Canmore, Kananaskis and Emerald Lake Lodge

This lovely hand drawn map by Art & Alexander hints at the huge choices for destinations and venues in the Canadian Rockies.

Here’s a tad more info about all the goodies included in the DIY Planning Guide:

1. A comprehensive venue guide for weddings of 2 to 500, from inexpensive to luxurious, all based on our real experiences in these parts of the Canadian Rockies; (heads-up: this guide does include venue capacities, but it does not include pricing. As venue costs can vary with season, day of the week, capacity, catering and demand, we can’t include accurate details on pricing. We’re sorry, but we’d never want to risk giving you inaccurate details!)

2. A guestlist template detailing everything you’ll need from numbers and addresses to dietary concerns and booster seats (in excel);

3. A list of recommended vendors we trust, who serve these mountains and have proved themselves time and time again;

4. An uber-detailed budget template with cost saving ideas (in excel); and

5. A planning timeline made with Rocky Mountain Couples in mind. With big overviews down to nitty gritty details, and a handy checklist guiding you through the months before your wedding.

Most importantly, none of the vendors or venues paid to be included in this guide. So you can be sure you’re getting our genuine recommendations based on how they’ve performed at other weddings we’ve been involved in.

So if you want DIY wedding help to kick butt at this planning business, click here now for your DIY Planning Guide. It’s a steal at $247!

In the next few weeks we’ll be telling you how to get pro help with planning a timeline, nailing your budget, and having productive idea sessions to get your head around design, overall vision, destination questions and out-of-the-box fun! It’s all focused on mountain couples – our area of expertise and, we hope, your dream wedding destination! If you can’t wait, check out our DIY Options page here for a sneak peak.

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