Cool! We’re Featured in ‘Four Big Trends to Watch for 2015 Weddings!’

Cool news, guys and gals! We’re quoted in Special Events Magazine‘s new article, ‘Four Big Trends to Watch for 2015 Weddings!’ Awesome!

Special Events Magazine is a pretty epic resource for events industry folks like us. The International Special Events Society called it ‘the official and premier magazine of the special events industry in North America.’ Fancy stuff. (Seriously, though, these guys know what they’re talking about.)

So we were super excited that they wanted our opinion. They also talked with celebrity wedding planner Brit Bertino, the National President of the Wedding Industry Professional Association and a few other select interviewees.

Check out the article here to get the lowdown on Four Big Trends to Watch for 2015 Weddings!

Trends to Watch for 2015 Weddings: Same Sex Weddings. From

Photo from Special Events Magazine.

PS. Want to know more? Check out our blog post from January on the Top 8 Mountain Wedding Trends for 2015!

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