How Many Leopard Geckos Can Live Together?

If you want to try keeping a single male with multiple females or maybe just females, keep in mind that for each gecko you will need a larger tank at least 5 gallons. This is because the leopard chameleon needs their space, and the more geckos you have in your tank, the less space they have.

Many females can live with or without a male, but when two males live together, it is not possible. The male leopard chameleon is a very territorial animal and will crash into it when in the same tank.

Can Leopard Geckos Live Together?

In fact, there are several things to consider when you want to keep a chameleon in the same tank.

The main thing you need to consider is gender. We need to look closely at gender, as it will affect gecko farming in many ways. Here is the detailed description:

Two Females

If you have two female leopard geckos, you can place them in the same aquarium or in the same area. It shouldn’t be a problem since the two female geckos can live together.

However, always observe the condition of your gecko every day. Whenever you see one of your female geckos growing faster than the other, you can lock them up alone.

It is done to avoid the older child from stealing the smaller child’s food. For your information, a larger leopard gecko usually steals the smaller gecko’s food. So two female leopard can live together if they are the same size.

Two Males

Unlike two female leopard geckos, two male geckos cannot live in the same tank. Why? That is because two male leopard chameleon will fight each other. When that happens, your leopard chameleon is probably in trouble and not doing well. To avoid that problem, keep them separate.

We can conclude that never mixing two male geckos in one tank is the best way to keep your male geckos in good condition.

It doesn’t matter if you have the biggest tank in the world, they will still find a way to mess with each other. If a male gecko detects another male leopard gecko that is what allows them to fight.

Even if they were in large 100-gallon tanks. They like their space and want to be the only dominant creature in it, even with lots of room.

A Male And Female

How Many Leopard Geckos Can Live Together

Do not mix male and female geckos in the same tank if they are small or immature. It can cause the male gecko to steal the female gecko, and in the end, the female gecko cannot thrive.

Only mix them if they are mature, especially if you want them to breed. Make sure the male and female leopard geckos live together when they are of the same age, so no problem will arise.


If you want to do this, you should consider the size of your tank. Two baby geckos can live in a 10-gallon tank, but as they get older, not even an adult can comfortably live in it.

So, in my opinion, I don’t think it’s worth the investment. I think it’s best to buy a larger tank and then upgrade as you see fit in the future if you feel like it. However, feel free to do whatever you feel is the best option.

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