How to Plan a Wedding Timeline in 1 Step!

We know what it’s like. You have all your wedding planning under control. Then someone asks who’s picking up the bouquets. Who is picking up the bouquets? And when? You can plan a wedding timeline right now, in just 1 step!

Here it is, the one and only step involved (drumroll please…):

Have a Timeline Consultation with us!

We’ve planned soooooo many Canadian Rockies wedding timelines over the years, and we realised all the stuff we know as pro’s can really, really help when YOU have to plan a wedding timeline. If you don’t plan weddings for a living, there can be a bunch of things that you don’t even think of until you’re standing there in your dress, bridesmaids at your side, with no way of getting to the church! It’s these things that cause stress and mayhem on the day. And not just for you, but for your loved ones running around trying to fix everything! A solid wedding timeline is your saviour.

That’s why we’ve created a Timeline Consultation! We’ll really zone in with an hour of our undivided attention in a virtual meeting. We’ll review what your day looks like, identify any holes or logistical issues, and make sure everything is smoothed out BEFORE the wedding day! And if you’re getting married in Banff, Lake Louise, Canmore, Emerald Lake or Kananaskis, we’ll make sure there’s a time for whatever the mountains throw at you! You’ll finish with a complete custom timeline you can rely on.

To plan a wedding timeline with us, book your Consultation now for $147!

how to plan a wedding timeline

We’ll go over your day from start to finish, including all the most common questions:

  • How much time do I need to get ready before the wedding?
  • Who picks up the bouquets?
  • How is Grandma getting to the ceremony?
  • How much time do we need for family photos? And how much time for bridal party photos? And for that perfect mountain backdrop shot?
  • What to eat for lunch (and when!)?
  • How to get around all these Rockies locations?
  • And how do you plan a wedding timeline, anyway?!

We’ve planned over 100 weddings in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and we can tell you exactly how to schedule your wedding timeline so you can enjoy the day! For $147 you get a private 1 hour Timeline Consultation and a complete custom timeline for your day. Job done!

So click here to book your Timeline Consultation now! We’re looking forward to hearing all the details of your day!



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