DIY Wedding Planning

DIY Wedding Planning

Pssst… we have a secret. We offer a whole range of  DIY Wedding Planning options for couple who just need a touch of help! Read on to see how we can support you while you plan your own wedding!

Postcard Weddings DIY (Do It Yourself) Planning Guide – $147 ( or just over $100 USD!)

 You’re not sure if you want a Wedding Planner, but could do with a helping hand. Our shiny new DIY Planning Kit could be your saviour! This kit covers Kananaskis, Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, Emerald Lake & Golden. We just revised it so it’s completely up-to-date, and gives our pro guidance to take you from newly engaged to the end of the aisle. Trust me, with a little help you’ll be able to enjoy the process, create the day you want, and – most importantly – start your marriage with the love of your life.

The almost-instant download includes…

1. a comprehensive venue guide for weddings of 2 to 500, from inexpensive to luxurious, all based on our real experiences; (heads-up: this guide does include venue capacities, but it does not include pricing.  As venue costs can vary with season, day of the week, capacity, catering and demand, we can’t include accurate details on pricing. We’re sorry, but we’d never want to risk giving you inaccurate details!)

2. a guestlist template detailing everything you’ll need from numbers and addresses to dietary concerns and booster seats (in excel);

3. a list of recommended vendors we trust who’ve proved themselves time and time again;

4. an uber-detailed budget template with cost saving ideas (in excel); and

5. a planning timeline made with Rocky Mountain Couples in mind. With big overviews down to nitty gritty details, and a handy checklist guiding you through the months before your wedding.

Most importantly, none of the vendors or venues paid to be included in this guide. So you can be sure you’re getting our genuine recommendations based on how they’ve performed at other weddings we’ve been involved in. Just click on the image above to pay and enter your information. (We promise not to share it.) In mere moments you’ll receive the DIY Planning Kit in an email. Download the documents and away you go!

Idea Session – $147

Lots of people don’t realize that we offer stand alone consultations. That’s right – you can call us and we’ll give you as much information as you need – how easy is that? We can really chat about anything you’d like, but we often touch on topics like how to get started, overall event concept creation, venue selection, vendor selection, and design. Our idea sessions are up to 60 minutes, and take place on Skype, Google Chat, or phone!

Budget Planning Session  – $197 

If you are feeling totally stumped about your wedding budget, & we can help. Our budget planning sessions are a three step process. First, you will receive a budget planning questionnaire. We want to understand what things are important to you ( good wine!), and what things don’t matter at all ( no wedding cake for you!). Then we’ll create a custom budget spreadsheet for you. Finally, we’ll have a meeting to discuss all of the line items. We’ll explain your budget, make suggestions cost cutting suggestions, and tell you what areas you should invest in. By the time your budget planning session is done, you’ll be totally ready to start planning your Mountain Wedding!

Our Budget Planning sessions includes our budget planning questionnaire, a custom budget spreadsheet, and a 60 minute budget consultation.

Timeline Planning Session  – $147

You feel like you have everything under control, until someone asks who’s picking up your bouquets. Ahhh, who is picking up the bouquets? And who’s going to drive Grandma to the church? And what are we going to eat for lunch, eek, I hadn’t even thought of lunch! Ok, deep breath. We’ve planned over 100 weddings, and we can tell you exactly how to schedule your day so you can enjoy it! During our timeline planning session we’ll review what your day looks like, identify any holes or logistical issues, and make sure they are smoothed out BEFORE the wedding day! This session includes a 60 minute virtual meeting, and a full custom timeline!