Farrah & Shaf

“Our wedding planning team were an absolute delight to work with! It is said that when crisis hits, people’s true colours shine through.farrahThat saying could not have rung more true in our case!! Our wedding happened to fall just days after the devastating floods in Southern Alberta. Our original wedding was scheduled for June 22 in Canmore, Alberta. We spent an entire year planning our wedding with them, only to find out two days before the wedding that we could not get to Canmore and our wedding would have to be cancelled. We basically had to plan an entire wedding, from scratch, in another city.

The planning team immediately sprung into action and found us another venue in Calgary, all new vendors (including two other event planners in Calgary who agreed to help), organized our DJ, officiant, florist, and all while they and their families were evacuated from their own homes in Canmore! She was absolutely incredible!
Despite facing their own problems, they still made our wedding a priority and worked around the clock to make it happen. They basically not only planned an entire wedding over the course of the year, but planned a second wedding for us in less than a day!

The team does a great job focusing on all the details, but at the same time, never loses sight of the big picture. They’re grounded and practical – which kept us focused and organized. At the same time, they are attuned to every small detail, taking the stress off of you. They’re also extremely knowledgeable and brought ideas to the table that I never would have thought of! I cannot recommend them highly enough!!”

– Farrah & Shaf