Jina & Ryan

“We knew we were going to get married, it was simply a matter of deciding the location. You see, we had already chosen the date – well, technically, I’d always dreamed of a New Year’s Eve wedding, and since Ryan wasn’t opposed, the date quickly became a “given.”

We wanted an intimate wedding, but since both of us come from rather large families, even choosing who should participate became a daunting task. To further complicate things, Ryan and I lived in two different states, navigating a long distance relationship in the midst of planning a wedding.JINA

After doing some surfing we chose Banff because the pictures of the Canadian Rockies were exquisite, and it was a place that neither of us had travelled to previously. Since we both enjoy the outdoors and physical activity, in our minds, there wasn’t a better place to symbolize the beginning of our new life together.

Upon choosing Banff we discovered that planning a wedding from afar was not going to be easy, so we began our search for help. In our internet searches it appeared that most of the wedding planners and venues were geared toward pre-set cookie cutter events. Several did not even return our correspondence in a timely manner. Then we came across this team. They stood out as a company that could help us, as they specialized in not only elopements, but a more personal touch. During our initial meeting, they helped us sort through our wishes and customized an event that was specific to our needs. They were responsive and wanted to understand us to ensure they were truly assisting us in our dream day. As it turned out, what we had in mind wasn’t a typical elopement, but in fact a traditional ceremony; one that was held in a church, with a minister who shared our Christian beliefs… very simply: just the two of us and God.

Our wedding panner possessed such a warm and generous spirit, that she was able to put our minds at ease very quickly. Since we were coming from the States and unfamiliar with the area, she pre-selected local vendors while keeping our budget in mind; but ultimately allowing Ryan and I to decide based on examples of their works. She then coordinated and handled the particulars of our special day, from the flowers, to the photographer, and even a videographer, so that we could share with our family and friends at a later date. The tiniest details were arranged so that our day went off without a hiccup, from providing make-up and hair artists to ensuring that I had a bite to eat prior to walking down the aisle. She even managed the transport of the groom to the church separately, to ensure that the element of surprise was intact.

Words cannot express the satisfaction and fond memories we have that our day became exactly as we envisioned. We hope that you get the opportunity to experience the same working with them.

Jina & Ryan